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Inception DateCUSIP Number
January 12, 1995233203728
The VA Global Bond Portfolio is a no-load mutual fund designed to provide a market rate of return for a fixed income portfolio with low relative volatility of returns. The Portfolio generally invests in a universe of US and foreign debt securities maturing in five years or less. Currently, most investments are made in developed countries, but other countries may be added in the future. The fixed income securities in which the Portfolio invests are considered investment grade at the time of purchase. The Portfolio will also enter into forward foreign currency contracts solely for the purpose of hedging against fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

For a full description, please consult the Portfolio's prospectus.

The portfolio is available only to insurance company separate accounts funding variable life and variable annuity insurance contracts.

Updated Daily
DateClosing PriceNAV Change$NAV Change %
April 23, 2014$10.76$0.010.09%
Updated Monthly
DateTotal Net Assets
March 31, 2014$179,354,111.98
Updated Daily
Total Returns Year-to-Date
April 23, 2014 1.03%
Updated Monthly
Total Returns One Month Three Month Year-to-Date
March 31, 2014 -0.46% 0.75% 0.75%
Updated Monthly
Average Annual Total Returns One Year Five Years Ten Years Since Inception
March 31, 2014 0.03% 3.99% 3.52% 5.46%
Updated Quarterly
Average Annual Total Returns One Year Five Years Ten Years Since Inception
As of March 31, 2014 0.03% 3.99% 3.52% 5.46%
Annual ExpensesNet Expense Ratio (to investor)Total Operating Expense Ratio
Operating Expense ratio as of 10/31/2013. The net expense ratio takes into account contractual management fee waivers/caps and expense assumption agreements that are in effect through 2/28/2015. The fund's prospectus contains more information on fees and expenses.
Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. To obtain performance data current to the most recent month-end, visit
Last 12 Months
TypeAmount per ShareRecord DateEx-dividend DatePayable DateEx-dividend Price
Short-Term Gain$0.0220 USD12/10/201312/11/201312/12/2013$10.71 USD
Dividend$0.0490 USD12/10/201312/11/201312/12/2013$10.71 USD
Long-Term Gain$0.1320 USD12/10/201312/11/201312/12/2013$10.71 USD
Top Holdings
As of March 31, 2014% of portfolio
UK TSY 1.25% 2018 1.250000% 07/22/20180.03
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA 2.200000% 07/27/20180.03
FANNIE MAE 1.625000% 11/27/20180.03
LANDWIRTSCH. RENTENBANK 1.000000% 12/15/20170.03
APPLE INC 1.000000% 05/03/20180.03
RABOBANK NEDERLAND NY 2.250000% 01/14/20190.02
NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BK LT 2.300000% 07/25/20180.02
SHELL INTERNATIONAL FIN 1.900000% 08/10/20180.02
JPN BANK FOR INT'L COOP 1.750000% 07/31/20180.02
CHEVRON CORP 1.104000% 12/05/20170.02
COMMONWEALTH BANK AUST 4.250000% 04/06/20180.02
NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT 6.000000% 12/15/20170.02
IBM CORP 1.950000% 02/12/20190.02
TOYOTA MOTOR CREDIT CORP 1.375000% 01/10/20180.02
KOMMUNEKREDIT 1.125000% 03/15/20180.02
SWEDISH EXPORT CREDIT 1.750000% 05/30/20170.02
KFW 1.000000% 12/07/20170.02
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA 2.550000% 01/12/20170.02
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF 1.200000% 04/25/20170.02
WESTPAC BANKING CORP 2.000000% 08/14/20170.02
Market Risk
Even a long-term investment approach cannot guarantee a profit. Economic, political, and issuer-specific events will cause the value of securities, and the funds that own them, to rise or fall. Because the value of your investment in a fund will fluctuate, there is a risk that you will lose money.

Foreign Securities and Currencies Risk
Foreign securities prices may decline or fluctuate because of: (a) economic or political actions of foreign governments, and/or (b) less regulated or liquid securities markets. Investors holding these securities are also exposed to foreign currency risk (the possibility that foreign currency will fluctuate in value against the US dollar).

Interest Rate Risk
Fixed income securities are subject to interest rate risk because the prices of fixed income securities tend to move in the opposite direction of interest rates. In general, fixed income securities with longer maturities are more sensitive to these price changes.

Credit Risk
Credit risk is the risk that the issuer of a security may be unable to make interest payments and/or repay principal when due. A downgrade to an issuer's credit rating or a perceived change in an issuer's financial strength may affect a security's value, and thus, impact a fund's performance. Credit risk is greater for fixed income securities with ratings below investment grade. Fixed income securities that are below investment grade involve high credit risk and are considered speculative. Below-investment grade fixed income securities may also fluctuate in value more than higher-quality fixed income securities.

Income Risk
Income risk is the risk that falling interest rates will cause the fund's income to decline.

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These Net Asset Values ("NAVs") have been prepared by the fund accounting agent. Dimensional Fund Advisors reserves the right to restate these NAV figures, if necessary, at any time.

Top Holdings data provided by State Street.