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Dimensional Managed DC is a customized investment strategy designed to help participants replace their working income with retirement income. It creates and regularly updates a custom portfolio allocation for participants, steadily targeting a monthly income in retirement.1

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In The News
By The Economist
July 2013
Professor Robert Merton of the MIT Sloan School of Management contends that the right way to think about a pension boils down to four questions: What is the worker's desired retirement income? What is the minimum acceptable income if the desired level cannot be achieved? How much is the worker willing to contribute? And when does he want to retire?
By Luis Fleites, Ignites Research
February 2013
Ignites Research highlights Dimensional Managed DC's outcome-oriented approach that focuses on customized and sustainable retirement income. This approach sets Dimensional Managed DC apart from many of its competitors who focus on only on accumulation.
By Wade Pfau, Advisor Perspectives
May 2012
Advisor Perspectives lauds Dimensional SmartNest's new product for bringing the benefits of defined benefit pensions into a defined contribution world without unduly burdening employers.
By Amanda White, Top 1000 Funds
August 2012
A retirement solution that focuses on outcomes and is customised for each participant cannot be met by existing defined-contribution designs, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist, Robert Merton, who advocates a "next-generation DC solution."
White Papers
Uncertainty over one's future income trajectory is often substantial, and can significantly complicate planning for retirement. Our research shows that a saving guideline incorporating information about household income as it changes over time (dynamic saving) can improve retirement success rates for most households relative to a static rule-of-thumb approach.
By Zvi Bodie and Henriette Prast
This paper examines some of the main behavioral patterns that determine personal saving, investment, and retirement decisions, and considers ways to move them in a socially desirable direction. Empirical evidence from other countries is considered in light of proposed changes to the system in the Netherlands.
By Tim Kohn and Warren Cormier
DC participants may be able to create a better retirement by taking advantage of a new set of products focused on an appropriate income replacement rate and strategies based on "income outcomes" as opposed to "lump sum outcomes."
By Marlena Lee, DC Dimensions
How much retirement income is enough? Understanding how to arrive at a target income replacement rate can be helpful for future retirees and plan sponsors alike.
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1. An inflation-protected income stream purchased with the assets in Dimensional Managed DC will only provide a portion of the retirement income reflected in the target income goals. Dimensional Managed DC assumes a person will also receive projected Social Security, DB pension benefits (as applicable), and any other retirement benefits as reflected in that person’s retirement account characteristics.

Dimensional SmartNest LLC is a subsidiary of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Dimensional Managed DC is a product licensed by retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries who elect on their own behalf to make the program available to their plan participants. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The underlying investments in Dimensional Managed DC are subject to market risks and may fluctuate in value over time. There is no guarantee of achieving the target income payout during retirement.