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Dimensional Retirement Plan Services1 offers full-service retirement plan solutions for defined contribution plans. Our goal is to help advisors and consultants—and the plan sponsors they serve—improve retirement outcomes for participants.

Retirement Device Cost efficiency, robust recordkeeping, and a flexible investment architecture are three core features of our full-service platform designed to meet plan sponsor and participant needs.


Costs matter. Our platform’s fee structure emphasizes cost efficiency, just as Dimensional Fund Advisors’ investment strategies have for more than three decades. This emphasis on lower, more transparent plan costs can give participants a head start on achieving better financial outcomes. Access to cost-efficient funds on our platform can give plan sponsors another component for better plan design, since costs can have a significant impact on investor success over time.


Dimensional Retirement Plan Services features institutional-strength recordkeeping and administrative services usually reserved for larger plans. Features include a wide array of powerful self-service tools, access to plan metrics in a real-time environment, and participant communications designed to educate employees about retirement income and enhance their retirement readiness.

Our platform supports a wide range of flexible options that plan sponsors may select, including:

  • Advisor-built model portfolios
  • A diverse selection of mutual funds for participants who want to choose their own funds and select their own asset allocation
  • Self-directed brokerage accounts


Our service model features dedicated client relationship support from seasoned professionals who have a deep understanding of the needs of plan sponsors and participants. Additionally, we work with advisors and consultants on how to best integrate our academic research on lifecycle finance into plan design for their clients.

1. Full service DC retirement plan solutions are offered by Dimensional Retirement Plan Services LLC, an affiliate of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.
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