While people have different financial needs and circumstances, Dimensional believes that following certain principles can help improve anyone’s chances of investment success. Namely, we believe investment options in defined contribution (DC) plans should be broadly diversified, carry low fees, and follow a long-term investment orientation consistent with retirement plan investing. We also believe that achieving cost efficiency in all aspects of investment management, recordkeeping, and plan administration should translate into more assets being available for retirees once they stop working.

Whether you are a plan sponsor, retirement plan advisor, investment consultant, or another service provider in the DC segment, we look forward to learning more about how we can work together to improve participants’ retirement readiness.

As of June 30, 2017 Dimensional manages $52.2 billion in defined contribution assets.


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Thought Leadership

As the retirement landscape continues to evolve, Dimensional is dedicated to exploring what steps can be taken to improve participants’ chances for a successful retirement.

Next Generation Default Investing
Dimensional Vice President Massi De Santis, PhD, describes how the next generation of retirement strategies are designed to manage the risks that may affect retirement income.
Advances in Global Plan Design and Safe Withdrawal Strategies
A market downturn right before retirement can have a dramatic impact on the quality of a participant’s retirement, according to Michael Drew, PhD, with the Griffith Business School. Drew explains how so-called sequencing risks could be better managed by retirement plans to improve outcomes for participants.
Increase Participation with Enhanced Active Choice
One way to increase participation among plan participants may be to make both the choice and the consequence clear. Punam Keller, PhD, at the Tuck School of Business explains how her research in the health care industry applies to participants in retirement plans as well.
Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Funds
Learn more about the risks that can affect retirement income and how Dimensional’s Target Date Retirement Income Funds are designed to manage those risks.
A Clearer View of Your Path to Retirement
The Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Funds are designed to offer a low-cost, income-focused solution to retirement planning.
Thinking About Retirement Differently
The 401(k) plan has become the sole vehicle for many people saving for retirement, says Jody Strakosch of Strakosch Retirement Strategies, LLC. With so much focus on a single plan to provide much of retirement income, Strakosch explains why plan sponsors are more focused than ever on how to provide retirement income from this savings vehicle.
Panel Discussion on Retirement Income - Next Generation Retirement Solutions
Tim Kohn, head of Defined Contribution at Dimensional, talks to three industry experts—David Booth, Bill Bradley, and Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton—about Dimensional's unique research-driven approach to next generation retirement solutions.
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DC Dimensions Magazine Cover Summer 2017
David Booth
David Booth
Founder and Executive Chairman
“If we are going to have progress, the innovation has to come from better and safer financial services…that’s what will lift us all up.”

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