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Proxy Voting Summary: US-Based Mutual Funds

2015 Calendar Year

Voting Summary

  • Dimensional's US-based mutual funds received proxy ballots for 13,781 distinct company meetings, with 738,919 votable proposals.
  • Of these, we voted 679,850 proposals (92%) at 12,885 company meetings.1
Proposal Count, By Vote Instruction
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Matters Voted Upon

The following statistics relate to proposals that were voted:

  • Excluding procedural matters2, board directorships (62%) and compensation (11%) were the most common matters voted upon.
  • Shareholder proposals represented 2.2% of all proposals.
Proposals Voted On, By Issue3
52153 2014 Voluntary Disclosures US2

Support for Management and Shareholder Proposals

Management Proposals

Proposal TypeNumber of Proposals VotedPercentage Voted ForPercentage Voted Against
Antitakeover Related 6,847 81.0% 19.0%
Capitalization 33,045 75.0% 25.0%
Compensation 71,511 77.1% 22.9%
Directors Related 416,410 90.8% 9.2%
Preferred/Bondholder 92 80.0% 20.0%
Procedural Matters 120,171 94.2% 5.8%
Reorganization and Mergers 16,989 90.4% 9.6%

Shareholder Proposals

Proposal TypeNumber of Proposals VotedPercentage Voted ForPercentage Voted Against
Compensation 1,231 73.3% 26.7%
Directors Related 8,403 40.3% 59.7%
Procedural Matters 5,151 19.8% 80.2%

1. Dimensional votes proxies wherever it is feasible and economical to do so. We may not vote in markets that have share-blocking, re-registration or other practices that impair our ability to sell voted shares. In addition, we consider the costs associated with voting (per vote charges, meeting representation fees, etc.) and vote in instances where the expected economic benefit of voting outweighs the costs for a given portfolio.  

2. Procedural matters are typically routine items such as auditor ratifications, approval of statutory reports, etc.

3. Chart does not include categories that make up less than 0.5% of total votes.