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Investing in Dimensional Funds

Dimensional’s strategies are available to individual investors through a select group of financial advisors.

A financial advisor can work closely with you to fully understand your needs and provide a range of wealth management services while encouraging the discipline essential to long-term investment success.

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Financial advisors who work with
Dimensional operate independently
and vary in the extent to which
they use Dimensional funds.

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* All advisors shown in the search results manage at least $20 million in total assets and have used Dimensional funds for at least one year (based on data known to Dimensional).

** Advisors who primarily use Dimensional funds have over 40% of firm assets invested in Dimensional funds (based on data known to Dimensional).


The Value of Advice

We believe advisors can play a vital role in helping people pursue their financial goals. Learn more on our Value of Advice YouTube Channel.


For informational purposes only. Dimensional makes no representation as to the suitability of any advisor, and we do not endorse, recommend, or guarantee the services of any advisor. We urge you to carefully evaluate any advisor whom you may consider hiring. You are responsible for monitoring your advisor's investment performance. We will not supervise or monitor the advisor's activities or your account, nor are we responsible for the performance of your investments. We have no discretionary authority or control with respect to how your advisor manages your investment assets. We disclaim any responsibility or liability for any damages arising from your decision to engage the services of an advisor.

Shares of Dimensional's funds are generally available only to institutional investors and clients of select independent financial advisors. Such advisors do not receive compensation from Dimensional or its funds. We believe the decision to hire a financial advisor is in fact a highly personal one. Dimensional does not recommend specific advisors. We will provide, free of any charge or obligation, a list of advisors near you who are authorized to use our funds.

Please be advised that Dimensional does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee the services of the independent financial advisors whose contact information we may provide. The financial advisors are not employees or agents of Dimensional. The list will be only a partial list of financial advisors from whom Dimensional currently agrees to accept client investments. By engaging this service, you agree that Dimensional bears no responsibility for the merits and risks of using any of the independent financial advisors listed and does not represent that any adviser is suitable for you.

Dimensional does not evaluate independent financial advisors in any manner. Dimensional does not evaluate the performance or investigate the registration status or disciplinary history of financial advisors. Dimensional does not and will not supervise any financial advisor and takes no responsibility to monitor the financial advisor's performance or transactions in an investor's account. The contact information that you may be provided is for your informational purposes only and you alone bear the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any independent financial advisor.

Dimensional urges you to carefully evaluate any financial advisor you may consider hiring. For tips on evaluating a financial advisor, visit the investor information website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, where you may obtain informative publications such as Investment Advisors: What You Need to Know Before Choosing One and Protect Your Money: Check Out Brokers and Investment Advisors.

In exchange for receiving a list of independent financial advisors from whom Dimensional currently agrees to accept client investments into its funds, you agree not to hold Dimensional liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make to engage the services of a financial advisor.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the Dimensional funds carefully before investing. For this and other information about the Dimensional funds, please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Prospectuses are available by calling Dimensional Fund Advisors collect at (512) 306-7400 or at this link.

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