Sustainability Investing at Dimensional

Our sustainability solutions target specific environmental goals within a robust investment framework designed for higher expected returns. Informed by leading environmental scientists, our approach focuses on issues associated with climate change and aims to significantly reduce portfolio exposure to greenhouse gas emissions, which are the primary contributors to climate change.

We apply more than a decade of experience in sustainability research and data integration to pursue sustainability objectives through systematic investment solutions. Our differentiated approach effectively targets measurable sustainability goals while maintaining broad diversification and pursuing higher expected returns.

This information is not meant to constitute investment advice, a recommendation of any securities product or investment strategy (including account type), or an offer of any services or products for sale, nor is it intended to provide a sufficient basis on which to make an investment decision. Investors should consult with a financial professional regarding their individual circumstances before making investment decisions.1. Relative price as measured by the price-to-book ratio; value stocks are those with lower price-to-book ratios. Profitability is a measure of current profitability, based on information from individual companies’ income statements.

Diversification does not eliminate the risk of market loss. There is no guarantee strategies will be successful. Risks include loss of principal and fluctuating value. Environmental and social screens may limit investment opportunities for the fund. These risks are described in the Principal Risks section of the prospectus.

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